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Security Grilles Direct - London

Security Grilles Direct is a leading supplier of security grilles and vandal shields to London. Physical security for windows is being recognised as an ever more important means of preventing your property from being identified by burglars as an easy target.

London is our largest market for supplying security equipment in the UK. Crime in the capital continues to be a persistent problem and we endeavour to offer physical solutions to tackling this issue and protecting businesses and homes. Despite being a city of such riches it also suffers from a huge disparity in wealth forcing many to the streets and a life of crime to survive as living costs rise.

Security Grilles are an effective way to install physical security without compromising the aesthetics of your property. This is because our security grilles can retract back and forth like a pair of curtains. The advantage of this is that when they are needed they can be retracted and often hidden behind the curtains themselves. The presence of security grilles will make it difficult for a thief to break into a home and likely deter any burglar in the first place.

To protect your property from vandalism we can supply vandal shields and Hammerglass which will act as barriers to your windows. The more economic option out of the two is vandal shields which consist of an aluminium frame with a steel mesh in the middle to protect against objects which are thrown. Hammerglass window guards though more costly is especially popular with retail outlets at it acts as an invisible shield to crime and vandalism.

To discuss further the security solutions we can offer in and around London please contact us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to

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